Take part in the Taropak Fair 2022


On September 26-28, 2022, we invite you to the TAROPAK Fair! The autumn meeting of the packaging industry in Poznań is a unique opportunity to see the most innovative solutions in one place and to comprehensively learn about the latest offer of the packaging industry.

Taropak is one of the largest trade fairs during which the latest technological solutions of the packaging industry are presented.

This year’s edition of the Taropak Fair is an event focusing on the growing role of automation and robotics in production processes. Important elements that will appear during the meeting include technologies related to packaging production and labelling, as well as storage and comprehensive co-packing. Particular emphasis will also be placed once again on the development of the e-commerce industry and the role of eco-packaging as a challenge for the future.

Events accompanying the TAROPAK 2022 Fair

Taropak Design conference

During the second edition of Taropak Design, incl. we will present the latest trends in raw materials for the production of packaging, we will consider together what the sale of designer packaging should look like, we will tell you what storytelling in the packaging is or we will reveal what unboxing is. Invited experts will take part in a debate on the future of the packaging industry and directions of its development. See this year's edition: LINK.

E-commerce conference

This year's Taropak Fair will be complemented by the third edition of the E-commerce Conference, which is an ideal opportunity to meet experts in the field of e-commerce, e-commerce packaging, logistics and warehousing, as well as marketing and sales issues. See what last year's edition looked like: LINK.

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TAROPAK is a place to present trends and solutions of the future that affect the shape of the packaging and logistics industry. See how the Taropak Fair looked in 2019!

As part of the ticket to the TAROPAK Fair you will be able to

visit the exhibition free of charge POLAGRA Fair.

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