We known Winners of the MTP Gold Medal 2021 competition


Six products were awarded in this year's edition of the MTP Gold Medal competition during the Taropak Fair. The awards will be presented on the first day of the fair, on October 4, during the fair opening ceremony. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with these unique products.

Winners of the MTP Gold Medal 2021 competition



Purells Innovative


The Bee Inspired by Nature packaging is designed for honey. We know the important role that bees play in the world, which is why an apiary has been established in our company, which is looked after by our employees. The carefully collected honey is poured into jars. This unique product needs a special and beautiful frame. That is why this original and innovative packaging was created. The outer part is very minimalist, but the insert supporting the jar emphasises the uniqueness of the product. The packaging is made of eco-friendly raw material. The only refinement used is golden hotstamping. The golden colour refers to the beautiful colour of honey. The packaging is an excellent example of the fact that it is not necessary to resign from premium packaging for the sake of ecology. This pair can be a perfect combination. The packaging cannot be purchased anywhere, it is only given to guests, customers and contractors of our company.


Automatic Packing Line LPA15X

FILMAT Grzegorz Siewiera


A shrink tunnel mounted on one frame with a machine wrapping in a sleeve made of a heat-shrinkable foil tape. The machine is adapted to continuous operation in a line producing various long items such as: fluorescent lamps, floor strips, pipes, curtain rails, boards, etc. (length from 600 mm to 2000 mm). After taking over the packages collected by the manipulator from the production line or warehouse, the product is fed into specially designed powered trolley pockets. The package is wrapped with a foil sleeve and sealed along the product. The walking welding gun allows for high efficiency. The entire packaging process is fully automatic. The servo drives used allow for the optimisation of the packaging process. Achieved efficiency up to 50 packets/min. The advantage of the machine is the quick possibility of changing the length of the packed item. Maximum changeover time of 30 min. Side feeding of the film with a magazine for additional film rolls was used. A special mechanised foil separator feeds the foil under the welding gun at an angle of 90 degrees. This allows the film to be changed during the packaging process.



POLPAK Sp. z o. o.


The D2100K doypack horizontal packaging machine is characterised by innovation, high performance and efficiency. The machine is designed for forming, filling and closing doypack packages with a stopper. It packs a variety of products: thin, thick and foaming liquids, pastes, in one of the most universal and practical packaging on the market. An investment in this type of device is a guarantee of optimisation of production costs for our customers. In addition, the implementation of such a modern solution in the company translates into comfort of use and safety.


Radpak RKH-15C Horizontal Continuous Cartoner

RADPAK Fabryka Maszyn Pakujących Sp. z o.o.

 The innovative continuous packaging system provides maximum efficiency, repeatability, economy of production and a high level of safety while maintaining a competitive price.


APOLLO Pallet Wrapping Monitoring System



Access to information allows you to make knowledge-based decisions. The APOLLO system enables daily verification of the operation of pallet wrapping devices, thanks to which the consumption of stretch film is known and controlled. Our solution supports clients in activities aimed at reducing the consumption of plastics by reducing consumption, reducing thickness and using pro-ecological solutions.



Smurfit Kappa Polska Sp. z o.o.


Do you want to improve your sustainability? Now you can with the Smurfit Kappa TopClip.

A renewable, recyclable and biodegradable alternative to shrink film with excellent supply chain performance − can also boost sales to environmentally conscious consumers.


The Filmat company became the winner of the Gold Medal - Consumer Choice 2021.