The Winners of the WorldStar Packaging Awards 2021


Organized by the World Packaging Organization since 1970, the Worldstar competition, like almost all events in 2020, had to be carried out in slightly different conditions, adapted to the pandemic reality. 345 solutions from as many as 34 countries were submitted to the competition.

Finally, 194 winners of the WorldStar Packaging Awards 2021 were selected. The most prizes were awarded to: Japan (26), China (22), USA (14), Australia and New Zealand (13), the Czech Republic and Turkey (12). Special category winners - President's Award, Sustainability Award, Marketing Award and Packaging that Saves Food Award - will be announced at the WorldStar ceremony in May 2021.

“The submissions were again at a very high level, but it's worth noting that the overall design submitted reflected the emphasis on packaging with a view to sustainability. The number of smart and unique ideas was also interesting. I was particularly impressed with the number of submissions from countries that had not participated to a significant degree in the past. We received many different submissions covering all categories. We will continue to look at the categories in the future, thus ensuring that they are always up-to-date, " Pierre Pienaar, President of WPO.


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