The plastic tax has entered into force - free webinar of the Polish Chamber of Packaging


The Polish Chamber of Packaging invites you to a free webinar organized in cooperation with Arena Advisory regarding the plastic tax, which will take place on January 30 at 1:00 p.m.

Check whether you are subject to new fees and obligations resulting from the amendment to the directive of the EU Council and the European Parliament. The Act not only introduces new fees, but also imposes additional obligations on entrepreneurs. Some of them have been in force since January 1, 2024. In addition to the financial consequences, entrepreneurs must be ready for the need to keep appropriate records and submit appropriate reports. How to prepare for changes?

Entrepreneurs should carefully analyze the content of the regulations in relation to their business. Fulfilling specific obligations will require certain entities, including: creation of new organizational structures and implementation of appropriate procedures to avoid possible sanctions. Invest in understanding the full scope of change!


  • Law basics,
  • Groups of entrepreneurs burdened with new responsibilities,
  • Consequences of introducing Extended Producer Responsibility,
  • Introduction of a fee on disposable plastic packaging,
  • A fee to cover the costs of waste management and products withdrawn from the market,
  • Other obligations awaiting entrepreneurs in 2024 include: obligation to register with BDO,
  • Introduction of a deposit system,Sanctions for failure to fulfill obligations.

The webinar is addressed primarily to:

  • board members,
  • employees of financial and accounting departments,
  • financial directors,
  • employees dealing with environmental protection, sustainable development and warehouse management within the unit.


Dawid Zarębski, Tax Project Manager, Arena Tax

Legal advisor, tax advisor

Dawid has extensive professional experience in representing clients before tax authorities (including tax proceedings, customs and fiscal inspections, tax audits and audit proceedings) and in court and administrative proceedings. He participates in ongoing tax consultancy for domestic and foreign entities, in particular in the field of VAT and corporate income tax. He also advises on fiscal penal liability, tax risk management and MDR.

Piotr Krawczak, Arena Tax

Piotr specializes in tax consultancy, with particular emphasis on corporate income tax and tax on goods and services. He participated in tax reviews both in the field of CIT and VAT. His professional experience includes, among others: support in matters related to the implementation of tax reliefs (IP BOX and B+R), as well as support in the settlement of withholding tax. Piotr has professional experience in representing clients before tax authorities and in court and administrative proceedings.

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source: Polish Chamber of Packaging