The packaging industry will meet again at Taropak!


Substantive conferences and technical workshops, special industry zones, shows of new machines and robots - all this will be waiting for the fair visitors on September 26-28 during the Taropak Fair. It is worth coming to Poznań!

This year's edition of the Taropak Fair will be graced by many exhibitors offering machines, packaging and labels for the industry, incl. ATS-Tanner Polska, TFP, Filmat, Polpak, Comaco, igus, Condair Systems, Knauf Industries, Elesa + Ganter, KF Technologie, LG Automation, Nomatech, Opakomat, Pablo, Proster, Polpack, Orwak, VP Polska, Raion Software, Digit Pack, Brother, Boplan, Videojet, Radpak, Frost, Multiprojekt, Fatek Polska, FROMM Poland, Smurfit Kappa, Zing, Bugopak Poland, Kakado, Technipes, LG Automation or Mech Masz.

Special zones for professionals

Visitors to the Taropak Fair will be able to visit several special industry zones where various companies will present their activities or services. One of such zones will be co-created by the Ukrainian Packaging Producers Club. There will be specially invited Ukrainian companies, incl. Pack Group, Vesna, Anfol or Pabags.

The next zone will be created by the members of the Association of Polish Self-Adhesive Labels Producers - it will be an opportunity to talk to representatives of companies producing self-adhesive labels and get to know the labeling environment in Poland better.

The Taropak Design zone will be created by several companies related to the design and creation of original packaging or packaging materials. You will see there, among others pop-up packaging or colored packaging materials. The zone will be created, among others, by Burgopak Poland, Zing, Smurfit Kappa and NeuroData.

A large space will be taken up again by the Zone of the Polish Chamber of Packaging, where its members will present their latest products, and additionally on one of the stages there will be an industry conference organized by PIO.

The latest market knowledge

The Taropak fair will be complemented by substantive conferences and meetings. The meeting stage will be opened by the second edition of the Taropak Design conference, during which experts will answer a few important questions for the packaging industry: how important is marketing for this industry, how much impact does the appearance of the packaging have on sales or how to positively influence the impressions of opening the packaging by customer? In addition, during the conference, eye tracking research will be carried out on the participants of the event. It will be an opportunity to see how our brain reacts to specific packaging solutions and what catches the eye of consumers the most.

Fair guests will also be able to take part in the third edition of the Taropak E-commerce conference. Invited specialists will talk, among others, on whether it is true that customers return to stationary purchases en masse, will consider how to convince sellers to use ecological and sensible packaging in e-commerce shipments, or will they focus on the current challenges of the e-commerce market. Allegro Biznes is the Main Partner of the Conference.

Once again, the PIO Zone will host a conference organized by the Polish Chamber of Packaging, where invited experts will discuss the challenges and new opportunities in the packaging industry, including How to plan investments nowadays, what should the recycling of plastic packaging look like or what are the latest technologies of product labeling?

In addition, visitors will be able to take part in free Low Cost Automation technical workshops run by igus. The meeting expert will introduce the participants to the secrets of LCA, talk about the available versions and parameters of Cartesian robots, delta robots, scara robots and robotic arms from igus.

Comprehensive for the food industry

This year's edition of the Taropak Fair will be held on September 26-28 at the Poznań International Fair in the company of the Polagra Fair. Taropak and Polagra are a comprehensive combination of the food, production and packaging industries in one place. The common part for both events are, among others production lines, packaging machines and food packaging, but also industry events, debates and trainings related to the deposit system, extended producer responsibility, as well as the latest trends and regulations related to labeling and packaging production. At the same time, the Tastes of Regions Fair will also be held (September 24-26).