Packaging Trends Guide 2021


No industry has been immune from disruption, and packaging is no exception. With people buying from home more than ever, e-commerce packaging has been under the spotlight.


Storytelling is a new trend that elevates on-package branding to the next level. Through packaging, innovative brands are connecting with customers in new ways, driving emotional responses and making it easier for them to identify with their company, products and people. Discover five ways storytelling can help brands differentiate and resonate with what people care about most.


Green has gone mainstream. Consumer values have clearly changed, and people increasingly want brands to help them live sustainably. Learn how brands are walking the talk when it comes to sustainability by empowering people to reuse and recycle packaging, innovating ways to cut down on the materials needed for packaging and using packaging to educate consumers on how to be greener.

Smart Packaging

Packaging goes beyond the usual functionality to protect, transport and brand goods. Advances in technology and new approaches to design are driving a clear trend towards smart packaging that’s more convenient for people to use, and which delivers increased value through digital interfaces and connectivity. Discover how brands are innovating new consumer experiences and rethinking the role of packaging in the consumer goods industry.


Covid-19 has changed the world in 2020, and its impact extends to packaging. Read about some of the packaging trends the pandemic is linked to, including its impact on sustainable packaging, the shift to e-commerce-centric packaging and the emergence of hygiene-first design.

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source: DS Smith