New regulations on single-use packaging


Since the new year, a lot has changed in legal issues related to packaging. On January 1, 2024, the provisions of several regulations related to the implementation of the Act implementing the Single Use Plastic - SUP Directive enter into force. EU restrictions apply to the use of single-use plastic and the withdrawal of some products made of plastic from sale.

Extended producer responsibility

Pursuant to the regulation, entrepreneurs who place on the market certain disposable plastic products covered by ROP (extended producer responsibility) will pay fees to cover the costs of managing waste generated from single-use plastic products.

In the case of single-use plastic bottles with a capacity of up to 3 liters, the fee will be PLN 1 per 1 kg. For plastic packaging PLN 2.7 per 1 kg; aluminum packaging PLN 1.4 per 1 kg; ferrous metal packaging 80 gr. per 1 kg; paper and cardboard packaging 70 gr. per 1 kg; glass packaging 30 gr. per 1 kg; wooden packaging 30 gr. per 1 kg; multi-material packaging PLN 1.7 per 1 kg; packaging for hazardous substances PLN 2 per 1 kg; other packages PLN 1.

Plastic tax

In January, a regulation came into force regarding the fee rates for single-use plastic products as packaging, which regulates the fees that will be charged for single-use packaging issued to customers containing drinks or food. Pursuant to the provisions of the Act, an entrepreneur selling drinks or food in single-use plastic packaging is obliged to collect a fee from the end user. In the case of beverage cups (including their lids and lids), the fee will be 20 cents per cup. In the case of containers used for food for direct consumption (on-site or takeaway), the fee will be 25 cents per item.

source: Polish Chamber of Packaging