How to be successful at trade fairs?


Trade fair marketing is not only about an attractive stand, a signboard and free candy. Here are three simple steps that will help you fully use the potential of your offer and reach all visitors!

“Oh, if only there was some wonderful way that would help me reach trade show customers even before the trade show itself!”

First, think about a remarketing campaign in Google Ads. Have you registered for the fair, ordered a stand and are waiting for the fair to start? Mistake! You can get ahead of your competition and make sure that they are familiar with your offer a few weeks before the fair. A remarketing campaign will help you achieve this goal, addressed to people who visit our website to check the fair program, visit rules, directions, etc. These are people who are interested in participating in the fair, are in your target group and should definitely learn about your offer. We can ensure that your advertisement is displayed to them while they are using the Internet.

At trade fairs, it is sometimes difficult to attract attention. Exhibitors want to stand out at all costs - e.g. by the size of stands, original arrangement of the place, refreshments. The place where the organizer has located us is not always the most frequently visited by visitors. A remarketing campaign helps solve these problems - you can inform your customers in advance which pavilion you will be in and what products you will bring to the fair.

Secondly, a remarketing campaign on Facebook. Our fanpage is a place that is bustling with life before the fair. It regularly provides information about new program items, new exhibitors, speakers, etc. We can display your ad to all people who visit us, comment on posts, or like our profile. These are the people who will be at the fair. During the fair, they may - even due to lack of time - miss your stand. Even if this happened, your ad will still be displayed to them on Facebook and they will be able to visit your website.

You didn't get enough leads? Do you still have free time? We can also launch remarketing campaigns after the fair! This is also a great time to present your offer. Many of our clients choose a mixed option - i.e. they buy remarketing before the fair and continue it two or three weeks after the fair.

Third, mailing campaigns. Mailing is still the most popular form of direct marketing. Its strength lies in its simplicity (the customer receives an e-mail in their mailbox), but the secret lies in well-selected address databases. We do not buy databases on the market or download them from the Internet. By organizing over 100 events a year as Grupa MTP, we have access to a huge number of e-mails and telephone numbers of our clients who have given us appropriate marketing consents, sorted by such classifications as company size, address, position in the company, industry, etc. We can send your mailing to exhibitors and professional visitors of each fair from a given year or the last few years - according to your preferences.

Our specialists will help you prepare the most appropriate type of campaign for you - completely free of charge. We can also prepare graphics, write texts, and submit mailings. We will also advise you on how to prepare the website to which the advertisement will link, so as to achieve maximum benefits from the undertaken activities.

We are part of the MTP Group and have been promoting all the events organized by it for years. When you decide to cooperate with us, you choose a proven partner who is responsible for promoting the event you are going to on the Internet. So if you have seen advertisements for our fairs - we can display your company's advertisements in the same places!

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Agnieszka Jakubik
Agnieszka Jakubik
Key Account Specialist