Comprehensive trade fair for the food industry


Packaging machines, production lines, labels and food packaging - these are just some of the common points of the TAROPAK and POLAGRA fairs, which will be held on September 26-28 this year at the Poznań International Fair.

Industry synergy

A real treat awaits the food industry in September! The TAROPAK and POLAGRA fairs are a comprehensive combination of the food, production and packaging industries in one place. The common part for both events are, among others production lines, packaging machines and food packaging, but also events, debates and training.

Professional packing

The TAROPAK fair covers all the most important branches of the packaging industry: from the production of paper, glass, metal or plastic packaging, through packaging machines, to issues related to labeling and storage. With each edition, new thematic areas are developed regarding e-commerce solutions or packaging as challenges of the future in the context of ecology.

Diversity for the food industry

The POLAGRA fair consists of three showrooms: FOOD, FOODTECH and HORECA, thanks to which representatives of the food and HoReCa industries will be able to find solutions that are right for them. Production companies will certainly be attracted by the presentation of production lines and technologies related to the processing, processing and storage of food.

News and knowledge

In addition to the latest solutions dedicated to the production, packaging and food industries. Visitors to the TAROPAK fair will be able to take part in several events, incl. a conference of the Polish Chamber of Packaging, an E-commerce Conference or a Taropak Design meeting.

The exhibitors and visitors of POLAGRA will receive training and debates related to the deposit system, extended producer responsibility, as well as the latest trends and regulations related to packaging labeling.
The second edition of the Polagra Export Meeting will also be held, addressed to producers, distribution companies and institutions supporting the export of Polish food - also in packaging.

At the same time, the Smaki Reginów fair will also be held (September 24-26).