Club Packagers of Ukraine at the Taropak Fair 2022


During the Taropak Fair, visitors to the fair will be able to visit several special industry zones where various companies will present their activities or services. One of such zones will be co-created by Club Packagers of Ukraine.

Several Ukrainian companies will present their activities in a specially created zone, incl. Pack Group, Vesna, Anfol, Pabags, Packprint, Spetztekhosnastka or Univest. Representatives of the companies will appear at the Taropak Fair together with Club Packagers of Ukraine and Magazine „Upakovka”. A special zone of Club Packagers of Ukraine will be located in Hall 6.


Club Packagers of Ukraine is an association of producers and consumers of packaging materials, packaging machines, containers and packaging in Ukraine. The president of the club is Walery Kriwoszej.


Magazine „Upakovka” presents modern packaging strategies by providing companies and industry specialists with information on innovative products, technologies and packaging equipment. Upakovka is the Media Patron of the Taropak Fair. We encourage you to read the latest edition of the magazine in English with the announcement of the Taropak Fair: LINK.

Companies contributing to the zone

  1. Anfol

The enterprise deals with the production of disposable packaging and tableware made of polymeric materials. Polymer film produced by the world's top vendors and tape of our own production is used in manufacturing. Products are manufactured on modern high-efficient equipment of Dutch and Canadian production having good energy and resource performance.

Production consists of the following sections:

- the extrusional section;

- deep molding section;

- section of offset printing;

- relief molding section.

  1. Pack Group

Pack Group is a producer  of polymer containers, closures and rigid polymer packaging in Ukraine. The company has complete production lines, from raw materials to finished products.

  1. Vesna

Рrinting complex specializing in the production of first-class cardboard packaging and any printing products of various formats and editions. The company also offers cardboard packaging and digital printing

  1. Pabags

Pabags company produces paper bags from natural cellulose paper or paper from recycled paper, so they are safe for people and the environment. Production of bags is carried out on fully automatic innovative equipment. It allows you to produce bags of unique sizes, which are carefully selected according to the features of the products that will be placed inside. Printing of the company's design or logo is carried out automatically during the production process of the bags. Securely glued handles of any color add uniqueness and convenience when using the bags.

  1. Univest

Univest Marketing LLC has been a producer of paper packaging for 28 years. For over 6 years, it has been qualitatively and creatively creating disposable ecological paper dishes, providing consumers with safe fast food containers.

Modern design solutions are implemented thanks to the stock of die-cutting machines and gluing lines. The availability of duplicating equipment for each type of operation and the variety of technologies used to create products guarantee high-quality products in a short time.

The company annually confirms the high quality standards of all production processes and personnel training (FSSC 22000, ISO 9001: 2015, FSC certificates).

  1. Spetztekhosnastka Ltd, Vital-Plast™

Vital-Plast™ trademark has been established in 2005 as a name for a wide range of rigid plastic packaging manufactured by the Ukrainian company Spetztekhosnastka Ltd. Nowadays Vital-Plast™ offers nearly unlimited opportunities to meet the non-standard individual consumer needs in hard plastic packaging.

The shape, color, modern decoration techniques, ability to meet special physical requirements are those competencies which have transformed Vital-Plast™ into a leading brand in the Ukrainian market, and currently are contributing to the fast advancement of the company's products in foreign markets.

  1. Packprint

Biggest manufacturer in Ukraine of PET, PP strap, buckles, corners.