Art of Packaging 2019 Competition


On Monday, March 11, 2019, at the Gala, we met the winners of the Art of Packaging competition

ART OF PACKAGING - Pearls among Packaging competition for the best packaging of the year. Since 2006, it has been organized in Poznań and promotes the industry related to the modern packaging industry.
The idea of the Competition is to promote innovation, creativity and competitiveness of Polish packaging on the domestic market and foreign markets. ART OF PACKAGING has two editions: Debuts and Professional.


Pearl Among Professional Packaging:

Mãori. SPA set for bathing.
Author: Maciej Jander ASP Łódż

Pearl Among Professional Debuts:

Mãori. Zestaw SPA do kąpieli.
Autor: Maciej Jander
ASP w Łodzi

In individual categories Proffesional 2019 won:

Ale Browar. The package shines under UV light
Applicant and producer: Eticod
Designer: Ostecx Creative
User: AleBrowar

Flexo packaging:
Beer barrel Ris. Packaging for four pieces of beer.
Applicant, producer and designer: Janmar Centrum
User: Manufaktura Piwa, Wódki i Wina

Mr Pack. Card template
applicant, producer and designer: Pirells Innovative

Own brand:
W5 cardboard boxes and cans. Air fresheners
Manufacturer: Dot2Dot (cardboard boxes for sticks), Printmax D. Kunysz (cartons in flowers), Opakofarb (cans)
Designer: Dom Marki Max von Jastrov
Applicant and user: Lidl Polska

Stand Coffee. Advertising for the coffee sector
Applicant, designer and producer: BluePos

Packaging Desires:
Björn Vodka. A bottle for alcohol
Producer: BZK Alco / BZK TM
Applicant and designer: Spiritus MovensUser: BZK TM

Premium packaging:
Winter Collection. Luxury Packaging for spirit products. Advertiser, producer and designer: Dekorglass Działdowo

Packaging of Taste:
Copernicus "Katarzynki". Limited edition of gingerbread in chocolate
Applicant and producer: Akomex
Designer: Project design - Karol Mętlewicz Akomex, concept, graphic design - Lookin 'Good
User: Fabryka Cukiernicza Kopernik

Cardboard Creation:
Pirrels Innovative bag. Packaging for marketing products
Applicant, producer and designer: Pirells Innovative

Beauty Package:
Atelocollagen Colway. Packaging for cosmetic collagen
Applicant: Colway Producer and designer: IOC
User: Colway Distribution

From the drawer:
Winter Tales Pop-Up. Packaging for chocolates.
Producer: Kruger Plus
Designer: Maja Jędrzejewska (graphic designer), Jan Rarożek (design project), MM Brown
Applicant and user: MM Brown

Distinction from the Bobst company:
Book of Tastes. Container for bottles.
Applicant and producer: IdeaCartonProjektant: Serwach

In individual categories, Debuts 2019 won:

ECO food packaging: Animal.
A series of packaging for biscuits
Author: Justyna BarskaASP in Łódź

Aves. Cosmetics for makeup
Author: Karolina ASP Square them. W. Strzemieński in Łódź

Adidas Hamburg. Packing for footwear
Author: Ewa Juszczyk University of them. J. Kochanowski in Kielce

Luxury & Nature:
Coffee for soul & body. Coffee packaging and coffee scrub
Author: Weronika Poręba University of Arts in Poznan

Braided for wine. Packaging for bottles with alcohols.
Author: Tomasz Suty of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź

Display of MEOW. Toys and accessories for cats. Author: Justyna UmińskaUniversity of Silesia in Katowice

Packaging Desires:
Wine of the world. Decorative packaging for wine bottles. Author: Monika SkrzelaUniversity of Arts in Poznan

Tasty packaging:
O'cake. Packaging for cake. Author: Gabriela Rec State Higher Vocational School in Tarnów

Beauty Package:
Maori. SPA set for bathing. Author: Maciej JanderASP in Lodz

Health packaging: Pod-Belts:
Packaging for cotton napkins. Author: Magdalena Zalewska ASP in Łódź