Thematic scope



1.1. Wood and sawn timber
1.2. Printing inks
1.3. Molds, preforms, moldings
1.4. varnishes
1.5. Plastic modifiers
1.6. Paper for cardboard production
1.7. pigments
1.8. polymers
1.9. Other


2.1. Aluminum in tapes, sheets and discs
2.2. Galvanized steel sheet, galvanized and black
2.3. Foil Al
2.4. Flexible and stretch plastic films
2.5. Metallized films
2.6. Rigid films
2.7. Decorative foils for hot embossing
2.8. laminates
2.9. Paper for printing
2.10. Wrapping paper
2.11. Paper and cardboard for making packages
2.12. Nets
2.13. Plywood
2.14. Cardboard
2.15. textiles
2.16. Other


3.1. packaging
3.1.1. Ampoules, vials
3.1.2. Glass balloons
3.1.3. Barrels, drums, bubbles, hobocks
3.1.4. bottles
3.1.5. Metal gas cylinders
3.1.6. canisters
3.1.7. Cages (of metal, wood and plastic)
3.1.8. containers
3.1.9. jugs
3.1.10. Baskets (wire, plastic and wicker)
3.1.11. cups
3.1.12. Lubyanka
3.1.13. Aerosol packaging
3.1.14. Blister and skin packaging and semi-finished products for their production
3.1.15. Palettes and pallet parts
3.1.16. containers
3.1.17. Boxes
3.1.18. Boxes
3.1.19. Metal cans
3.1.20. boxes
3.1.21. boxes
3.1.22. Jars
3.1.23. trays
3.1.24. handbags
3.1.25. Commercial and advertising bags
3.1.26. tubes
3.1.27. Buckets
3.1.28. bags
3.1.29. Pulp extrudates
3.2. Other packaging
3.2.1. Office and haberdashery supplies (briefcases, envelopes, covers, binders)
3.2.2. Disposable catering utensils and cutlery
3.2.3. Packaging for colored cosmetics (eye shadows, powders, mascaras, lipsticks, etc.)
3.2.4. Decorative packaging
3.2.5. Postal packaging (air box, flight case, envelopes) protective, bubble wrap packaging, map tubes, posters, etc.)
3.2.6. Specialized packaging for medicine
3.2.7. Packaging for household chemistry
3.2.8. Bag in box packaging
3.2.9. Sausage casings
3.2.10. Spools and sleeves, tubes, etc.
3.2.11. Other
3.3. Packaging accessories
3.3.1. Dust jacket, band
3.3.2. Glues
3.3.3. Ropes, strings, ribbons, yarn
3.3.4. Security materials Sealing materials Protective materials of paper and cardboard Plastic protective materials
3.3.5. Adhesive papers and foils
3.3.6. Cufflinks, clips, staples
3.3.7. Adhesive tapes
3.3.8. Tapes strapping loading units
3.3.9. Equipment of boxes and boxes
3.3.10. Closures lids Bottle closures Jar closures Dispensing closures Other closures
3.3.11. Other



5.1. Traditional etiquette
5.2. Self-adhesive label
5.3. IML label
5.4. SSL or SSE label
5.5. Wrap label
5.6. VOID label
5.7. Other


6.1. Volume and level filling machines
6.2. Weight filling machines
6.3. Counting machines by counting
6.4. Closing machines (closing machines) without the use of components closing
6.5. Machines closing by means of thermal action
6.6. Closing machines using closing elements
6.7. Closing machines using auxiliary means closing
6.8. Fully wrapping machines - wrappers
6.9. Fold bending machines - packaging bending machines
6.10. Forming, filling and closing machines
6.11. Machines for the production of packaging from fluxes, granules, through preforming and then filling and closing
6.12. Machines for positioning, filling and closing packages steady shapes
6.13. Machines for filling and closing ready packaging
6.14. Machines for packaging on a product (skinpack type)
6.15. Blister packaging machines
6.16. Machines and devices for flexible foiling
6.17. Foiling machines
6.18. Capping machines - cappers
6.19. Labeling machines - labellers
6.20. Machines or devices for special product protection
6.21. Machines for bulk packaging
6.22. Collective packaging machines - shrink wrapped in foil
6.23. Machines for setting individual packages for bulk package
6.24. Machines for closing bulk packages
6.25. Collective packaging wrapping machines
6.26. Machines producing protective devices for packaging
6.27. Machines for applying shrink labels
6.28. Machines for unpacking bulk packaging
6.29. Machines and devices facilitating manual packaging
6.30. Machines or devices for reading, checking, checking, marking, counting, weighing and identification in connection with direct packing process
6.31. Washing, cleaning, drying and removal machines microorganisms
6.32. Filling and emptying large containers
6.33. Auxiliary equipment (for cutting, cutting, unrolling)
6.34. Components, spare parts, accessories
6.35. Other


7.1. Packaging machines
7.1.1. Machines for the production and processing of cardboard
7.1.2. Bag making machines
7.1.3. Bag forming machines
7.1.4. Injection molding machines
7.1.5. Extruders, blow molding machines and extrusion blow molding machines for the production of bottles and containers made of PE, PP, PVC, PET
7.1.6. Other specialized packaging machines
7.1.7. welders
7.1.8. Complete lines for packaging production
7.2. Molds, dies and dies
7.3. Machines (and complete lines) for the production of HDPE, LDPE films, PP and others
7.4. Machines for cutting and pre-forming laminates, films, tapes and paper
7.5. Packaging materials distributors (for PVC film, PE, PS, OPS and others)
7.6. Components, spare parts, accessories
7.7. Auxiliary machines
7.7.1. Plastic processing machines
7.7.2. Plastic recycling machines (recycling)
7.7.3. Compressors and blowers
7.8. Printing machines
7.8.1. Label printing machines
7.8.2. Machines for printing goods and packaging
7.9. Packaging control and measuring devices
7.9.1. Equipment for checking dimensions and shapes of packaging
7.9.2. Devices for checking mechanical and thermal strength
7.9.3. Leakage checking devices
7.9.4. Equipment for the detection of elements and toxic substances
7.10. Processing of used packaging
7.11. Other


8.1. Equipment and devices for internal transport
8.1.1. Forklifts with manual, electric and petrol drive and special equipment for industrial trucks
8.1.2. stackersWe
8.1.3. cranes
8.1.4. Wyciągniki
8.1.5. Overhead
8.1.6. conveyors
8.1.7. Manipulators
8.2. Warehouse management equipment
8.2.1. Storage devices for storage Warehouse shelves (permanent, mobile, drive-in) Storage racks Storage hangers Warehouse fences
8.2.2. Auxiliary storage devices Warehouse platforms Load bridges Loading platforms Weighing mechanical devices (bridging, crane, crane) Other warehouse management equipment for storage and auxiliary
8.3. Components, spare parts, accessories
8.4. Specialized equipment for processing logistics information
8.4.1. Input and output devices
8.4.2. Magnetic or optical readers
8.4.3. Parts and accessories for computer hardware
8.5. Transport, storage and forwarding services
8.6. IT services related to logistics
8.7. Telecommunication services
8.8. Scientific research services related to logistics
8.9. Barcodes and automatic data identification systems